Thursday, April 15, 2010



Its that time of year...

We want to send Doodle away to Girl Scout Camp again this summer. Last year she went to a 3-day camp because it was her first time away at camp. When she came home from camp last year, it was all she talked about. She asked if she could go away for a "whole week next year"

Doodle would like to go again with her friend, Anna, who was her camp partner last year. I have been talking to Anna's mom and we found a GS camp about an hour away that sounds perfect. The girls want to go to a program called Camp o' Fun and here is a little description:

For Girls Currently in Grades 3-5

Want to do it all? Each day holds a new adventure, you’ll swim, boat, horseback ride, cook out, do crafts, visit the teams course, and try out all the things that make camp fun. This program is designed to give you a taste of camp life. Make new friends while you experience the camp adventure in just one week.

Perfect, right? This camp is just up Doodle's alley, but I have a little moral dilemma. Here is the cost of camp....

Cost: $585.00 per Rate A
$345.00 per Rate B

Why are there two different rates you ask? Well here is the explanation....

A note about pricing: Because families have different abilities to pay for summer camp programs, a voluntary tiered pricing system has been designed for GSSEM 2010 Camp Fees. The fee you pay for each camp session in no way influences the experience your camper will receive.

Rate A reflects what it costs to provide a camp experience to your daughter. Please pay this amount if you are able.

Rate B is heavily subsidized by GSSEM and is for those families that cannot afford the full cost of camp but are willing/able to pay a significant portion of the fee.

The Dilemma: Holy Moley.... Rate A is to me A LOT of money! I was expecting a week camp to be around $300-$400 as her 3-day camp last year was $180.00. All of you know the financial issues LT3 and I have gone through in the last 2-3 years with my work going to electronic medical records causing my work to be cut by 75% and with LT3 on layoff pretty much once a month. Our yearly income has probably been cut by $30,000/year over the last few years. Note that the GSSEM explanation states that this is a VOLUNTARY tiered pricing system.

My dilemma is that LT3 and I could probably "swing" Rate A, but it definitely would be a bit hard for us. I know that the $345 would be much easier. There are also "scholarship" programs, but I do not feel that we need to apply for one of those as we can afford to pay for camp.

I have never been one to take "handouts' and I am wrestling with this decision. Do you feel I am wrong in choosing to pay $345 rather then the $585? Your honest answers are appreciated!

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