Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Owl" Take It

So I decided to stop in at HomeGoods and see what kind of goodies I could find today.  I left the store with a new tea cup to add to my collection.   I totally fell in love with it because I think this whole owl fad is just a "hoot".

I know it is not a traditional tea cup in the whole sense of the word, but I am not a coffee drinker and when I drink my tea, I want more than those dainty little cups that the prim and proper drink from at afternoon tea.  I drink tea all day and I want a "mug" of it. 

Getting on with it, here she is.....

Is it just sweet?  I especially love the rim of owls on the inside.  Yeah, I know, so sad that I get completely geeked over something as silly as a mug.


  1. I must get two, which Homegoods did you find this at? Christin and I are owl nuts :)

  2. Holly, I got it at the Home Goods on Hoover and 11 Mile! They had a black mug too!